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Renewable Energy Sector in India

The renewable energy sector in India is developing rapidly; India is the 4th most desired renewable energy market across the world and the installed capacity of renewable energy exceeds 100 gigawatts. By 2022 India could attain its target of 40%. India is among the top three nationalities globally to have the most impact on the growth of green energy sources. In the last seven years, Govt has invested more than 70 billion US$ in Solar energy and renewable energy sources. India has the third-largest solar power capability established in the world.

India – a Rising Sun in Renewable Energy

A few essential elements are in high demand, such as Efficiency, Security, Energy.

The Indian Government rolls in more plans with the best policies & schemes to

encourage the utilization of Renewable Energy. India has experienced rapid growth in the RE sector with the best favorable govt policies, steady flow of capital investments, and new technology development