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  • 26th April 2024
  • 27th April 2024
Time Topic
Session 4
1030 AM - 1130 AM
Unlocking South India's Renewable Energy Potential to Net Zero in E-Mobility?

This session aims to explore the synergies between renewable energy deployment and the electrification of transportation to achieve net-zero emissions in South India. With its abundant renewable resources and growing interest in e-mobility, the region holds significant potential to lead the transition towards a sustainable future. By unlocking this potential, South India can not only reduce its carbon footprint but also foster economic growth and energy security.

By harnessing the region's abundant renewable resources and leveraging advancements in e-mobility technology, South India has the potential to become a model for sustainable development and climate action. Through collaborative efforts among policymakers, industry stakeholders, and civil society, we can unlock this potential and accelerate the transition to net zero emissions, paving the way for a cleaner, greener future.

Key Discussion Points -:

  • Renewable Energy Landscape : Assessing the current state of renewable energy infrastructure in South India, including solar, wind, and hydroelectric power. Highlighting the region's potential for further expansion and integration with the transportation sector.
  • Policy Frameworks and Incentives : Analyzing existing policies and incentives supporting renewable energy adoption and e-mobility initiatives at both regional and national levels. Identifying gaps and opportunities for policy alignment to accelerate progress towards net zero.
  • Infrastructure Development : Exploring the challenges and opportunities in developing charging infrastructure for electric vehicles (EVs) across South India. Discussing innovative solutions such as decentralized charging stations and smart grid integration.
  • Industry Collaboration and Investment : Discussing the role of public-private partnerships in scaling up renewable energy projects and e-mobility infrastructure. Highlighting successful collaborations and investment opportunities to drive innovation and technology deployment.
  • Consumer Awareness and Adoption : Addressing barriers to widespread adoption of EVs and renewable energy technologies among consumers. Strategies for raising awareness, incentivizing adoption, and ensuring equitable access to clean energy solutions.
  • Economic and Social Benefits : Quantifying the economic and social benefits of transitioning to renewable energy-powered e-mobility, including job creation, improved air quality, and reduced dependence on fossil fuels. Showcasing case studies and best practices from South India and beyond.


Mr. Abhijeet Sinha
National Program Director Ease of Doing Business | Project Director

NHEV, DIISHA, Drone Pilot | President- CPOs of India

Panelists -:

Dr.Flt. Lt AT Kishore
(Retd),Country Head

Dhanwantari Drone Pilot Academy

Mr. Rajeev YSR
Chief Mentor

EV Masterclass

Mr. Prashanth Reddy


Mr. Siva Prasad Gudipati
Co-Founder & CTO

Comuti Energy Pvt Ltd.

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Session 5
1140 AM - 1240 PM
Policy advocacy and research in the field of Agri PV India

(A session by Indo German Energy Forum (IGEF)

The co-location of agriculture and solar photovoltaic technology is gaining the attention of investors. AgriPV presents a strong option at the nexus of renewable energy, food security, and water security by using the same area for agricultural and solar energy production. The concept of AgriPV has been successfully implemented in various parts of the world, including Europe, China, and Japan. In India, 22 AgriPV projects are operational, demonstrating its feasibility and potential. Studies indicate that just 1% of India's agricultural land could unlock an additional 630 GWp of solar potential. This session will dig deeper into the potential and challenges of implementing AgriPV in India.

The session will have a panel discussion on what are the current challenges in terms of policy advocacy, research requirements and upcoming goals in the year 2024. The session will focus on suggestions for the implementation of suitable measures on policy and research aspects based on a culmination of work done so far like legal study, pilot success stories, potential estimate, APV overview and many more open questions.

Session Chair

Sri. Ajay Mishra,IAS
retd, Former Special Chief Secretary, Energy, Telangana Government, Presently Chairman Indian Red Cross Society, Telangana State Advisor Energy Committees, Federation of Telangana Chamber of Commerce and Industry Hyderabad

Special Guest

Sri. Karthikeya Anand
Special Duty Officer

Government of Andhra Pradesh


Mr. Y.V.K.Rahul
Energy advisor

(Agri PV), IGEF (SO)


Ms. Suruchi Kotoky
Principal Associate

BTG Advaya

Mr. Sandeep Narang
Director – Strategy & Transactions

Ernst & Young

Mr. Nikunj Usadadia
Research Officer

International Water Management Institute (IMWI)

Mr. Saptak Ghosh
Group Lead


Mrs. Kalpana Sastry
Managing Director

Ag Hub

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Session 6
1240 PM - 1340 PM
Future of renewable energy generation in India: Opportunities and Challenges associated with it…!

(A session by Yole Group)

In this session, we will discuss the opportunities and technical and commercial challenges associated with renewable energy generation in India. We will also discuss the strong synergy between renewable energy sources, battery energy storage, battery charging infrastructure, and the growing interest in hybrid systems (i.e., solar inverter + battery charger). As the Ministry of New and Renewable Energy has reimposed the approved list of models and manufacturers (ALMM) for solar modules, the discussion will focus on the impact of the entry of ALMM into it.

Discussion Points -:

  • Where does India stand in renewable energy generation?
  • Incentives and targets for renewable energy (PV and wind) installations in India.
  • Does India have enough capacity and raw materials to manufacture high-power converters for PV and wind installation?
  • Deployment of renewable energy, with intermittent energy generation, must be associated with other solutions like energy storage solutions, installing transmission lines (HVDC), building interlinked grids, smart EV charging, etc.- how is India growing in related fields?
  • ALMM will be reimposed starting April 1, 2024. What will its impact be on future solar projects in India?


Dr. Shalu Agarwal, Ph.D
Senior Analyst, Power Electronics & Batteries

Yole Group

Mr. Sarat Madala
Director, Major Projects Advisory, Business Consulting

KPMG India

Panelists -:

Mr. Satya Vara Prasad
General Manager

Telangana State Renewable Energy Development Corporation Limited

Dr. Umakanta Panda
Commission Secretary

Madhya Pradesh Electricity Regulatory Commission

Mr. Mayank Sinha
Technical expert

EV Charging infrastructure at Hero MotoCorp

Ms. Radhika Choudary
Co-Founder & Director

Freyr Energy

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13:40 PM - 14:40 PM Networking Lunch Break
Session 7
1440 PM - 1540 PM
Bioenergy -: A nature-based solution for the emerging Indian market !

(Session powered by Indian Biogas Association)

India's economy is experiencing fast growth, leading to a rising need for energy. To satisfy this requirement, it is crucial to investigate novel and environmentally friendly energy sources. Bio-energy has developed as a viable source that has the capacity to offer consistent energy while guaranteeing sustainability. Bio-energy is linked to other additional advantages, such as biofertilizer, charcoal, and bio-CO2. This conference session will examine the various forms of bioenergy and discuss their potential for addressing India's energy and sustainability requirements.

The session will commence with a presentation on the present condition of the bio-energy market in India, encompassing the obstacles and prospects for expansion. The unexplored capacity of bioenergy in India will also be examined, encompassing various forms of biomass that can be utilized and the sustainable methods that can be implemented. The discussion will also discuss India's national hydrogen mission and its potential to establish the country as a hub for sustainable technologies.

The subsequent conversation will center on the prospects for expansion in the hydrogen industry and the obstacles that must be tackled. The conference session will end by emphasizing the potential of bioenergy as a comprehensive solution for environmental protection. Next, we will discuss the advantages of bioenergy in relation to waste management, energy generation, and the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions. Additionally, we will focus on the challenges the Indian industry is facing and the steps required to encourage its growth.


Mr. Gaurav Kumar Kedia


Tentative speakers / panelists -:

Mr. Vijaykumar Lanka
Managing Director

Armatec-Fts India Pvt.Ltd.

Mr. Nandigama Chandrasekhar

Jivoule Biofuels

Mr. Srinivas Kasulla

Arka Brenstech Pvt. Ltd.

Mr. Kiran KK
Managing Director

aashyap Envergy Infrastructures Pvt.Ltd.

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