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  • Meet the most trusted and preferred brands catering to India and the world in RE-Sector
  • Best Rooftop Solutions providers for Domestic and Commercial usage under one ROOF
  • One Stop Solution to Power Requirements and ROI
  • Financial implications and cost savings in Solar installation
  • Enlighten yourself with buyers and sellers perception for enterprises
  • Come and see the innovations and applications in the Solar world with best practises
  • Congregation of technology, innovation and financing model in the Renewable Sector
  • Fantastic opportunity to build partnerships with top brands
  • Large demand due to Economic Growth
  • Southern India is generously endowed with RE resources like solar, wind, bio-mass materials, urban and industrial wastes
  • Conducive State Government policies needed to propel RE growth
  • Large number of financing options available for capital investments
  • Increased awareness amongst industries
  • Southern India is an industrial and manufacturing hub of the country
  • Path breaking policy initiatives and investor facilitation framework in place.



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Informa launches ‘AllSecure’, an approach for enhanced healthy & safety standards at its events in the NEW NORMAL.

Whether they are exhibitors, attendees, visitors, speakers or sponsors, customers come to events to connect, learn, know more and to do business effectively, safety & confidence. To conduct physical trade exhibitions amidst the new normal, Informa Markets in India has created the ‘AllSecure’ safety standard. A detailed set of enhanced measures, AllSecure provides attendees the reassurance and confidence that they are participating in a safe and controlled environment. These international protocols are based on the broader principles of Physical Distancing, Protect & Detect, Cleaning & Hygiene and detailed Communications on these principles. It includes a commitment to ten key priorities across all Informa events, as well as fuller range of standards & recommendations that will be followed at our events wherever applicable & possible.


 Download Health & Safety Guide    Find out more